Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values

On behalf of the Municipality of Rhenen, Blankcon is involved in two CERV projects. CERV is a program for European Municipalities. It stands for “Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values”.

The objectives of this program are:

– Developing awareness among (young) people in schools and other organizations,
– Analysis of the current situation when it comes to discrimination against minorities,
– Combating hate messages on social media,
– Advocate for a multicultural society,
– Promote the European Charter of Fundamental Human Rights.

The two projects where Blankcon participates, are:

  • Green Youth
  • FutureUp

The projects will last 2 years and formally started early 2023. In those 2 years, 2 x 8 meetings are organized, each visit is in a different city. It will also be Rhenen’s turn in the autumn of 2023 and spring 2024. It is the intention that 2-3 people from Rhenen participate in those meetings. They last 4 days: 1 day of travel, 2 days of the meeting and 1 day of travel. A total of 3 nights. Each meeting has a special theme.


Each meeting provides experiences and materials. It is the intention that the participants try to inform their supporters about this upon their return. We will discuss this in Rhenen as soon as possible and make plans for the possibilities of disseminating the results.

Partners in FutureUp
– Mozaika, Barcelona (Spain): leader
– Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto (Slovenia)
– FAJUB Federação das Associações Juvenis do Distrito de Braga (Portugal)
– Genista Foundation, Rabat (Malta)
– Asociatia Se Poate, Chiajna (Romania)
– A2030, Venice (Italy)
– Municipality of Rhenen (Netherlands)
– Municipality of Larissa (Greece)

Topics to be discussed in FutureUp

  • Freedom and Equality in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • Religious and cultural diversity across the EU: past and present
  • Identifying violations of the freedom of thought and worship, hostility and discriminatory behaviour.
  • Countering hate: Why does it matter?
  • Getting to know each other and finding our common goals.
  • Religion, gender equality and LGBTQ rights.
  • Diversity as means for peace and prosperity in an intertwined world.

Partners in Green Youth
1. Municipality of Utiel (Spain)
2. Municipality of Újszilvás (Hungary)
3. SZB in Berlin (Duitsland)
4. Municipality of Agii Anargiri–Kamatero (Greece)5. Municipality of Rhenen/Blankcon (NL)
6. Asociatia Se Poate, Bucarest (Roemenia)
7. Municipality of Pegrada (Croatia)
8. Community of Sarmede (Italy)

Topics to be discussed in Green Youth

  • The European Green Deal: where our future lies
  • The Youth leading role in the green transition
  • Go green: a way out of the pandemic in Berlin (Germany)
  • Go green: the jobs of the future
  • Go green: fulfil your dreams! 
  • Peace, democracy and energy self-sufficiency
  • Green engagement in our local communities
  • The Europe we want

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