Young Meets Old Culinary Heritage

In this project we are working with several partners around Europe to develop methods and materials for culinary heritage cooking sessions in which young and senior people meet each other and develop all kinds of new skills. The reasons for this project is that contacts between the old and young generations have changed and are sporadic. Older people miss digital competences and feel not included in society. Contacts between young en senior people is very helpful for senior people to feel included in the society and to develop digital skills.


Six partners will participate in this Project. Vocational Training Secondary School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron” in Bulgaria is leader of the project. The other partners are Cork Education an training board in Ireland, Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug in Germany, Skekacs Elemer a VET school from Hungary, Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Mistelbach from Austria, GSOS Podborany from VET School from Czech Republic and ofcourse Blankcon from The Netherlands.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission Erasmus+ KA220 Strategic Partnership Projects Number Project-N° 2022-1-BG01-KA220-VET-000085377.



PROJECT PERIOD: September 2022 – August 2024



– Improve intergenerational and digital skills from the VET-students and their teachers as well as from older people.
– Improve digital possibilities for communication between VET students and older people, to improve their digital readiness and inclusion.


YMOCH has the following results

  • The project develops, identifies or reworks learning materials and methods for the learning scenario “Culinary Heritage” 
  • The project develops digital educational tools, such as video editing, podcasts, formats for online cookbooks and online Goose-play. 
  • The project organises the intergenerational cooking in the different partner countries. 

Multiplier Events will help to present, to evaluate and to disseminate the project results.
Learning and Training Activities will be used for practical training, for evaluation by experts and also for dissemination. Additionally, participants enlarge their international networks.


Blankcon will contribute to the different project results and is leader of the development of the online and cookbook. We will participate in the different Transaction Project Meetings and organise a Dutch Multiplier Event and de dissemination of the results in The Netherlands through newsletters and social media posts.

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