Promoting Green Skills and Schools in Europe.

The European green agricultural sector (food, agri, animal husbandry, nature, living environment and leisure) is from an economic, social and sustainable point of view important for a prosperous, sustainable and green future worldwide. The European Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) emphasize this position and the challenges the green sector needs to face. The partners of this project are inspired by these goals and believe that green agriculture educational institutes on secondary, tertiary and higher level should take an important role in educating enough qualified students who are well prepared with the appropriate green sustainable and circular skills to achieve these goals. However the problem all partners face is that the number of students entering their green agricultural schools is dropping steadily, while the number of students is already far from enough to fulfil the jobs within the green job market.

In PROGRESS we will create a living community of green VET-schools in Europe in which we exchange good practises and co-operate to find solutions to renew and promote our schools, programs and courses aiming to attract new types of students like urbanised youth and lifelong learners and make them aware of the great opportunities green knowledge and skills and the green sector in general can provide them.


  • Terra Green VET School, The Netherlands
  • INTREEGUE Educational consulting and Projectmanagement, The Netherlands
  • Centro Integrado de Formación experiencias Agrarias De Molina de Segura, Spain
  • Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Finland
  • Yuverta Green College, The Netherlands
  • Jordbrugets Uddannelsescenter Århus Green Academy, Denmark
  • Associated partner EUROPEA International


PROJECT PERIOD: December 1, 2020 – December 1, 2022


The primary objective of PROGRESS is to share Good Practices and building a community of Green VET schools who are trying to attract new students by developing themselves as shools for sustainable development in the green sector.


1) Transnational project meetings sharing good practices in The Netherlands, Spain, Finland and Denmark.

2) Online collection of Good practices and recommendations.

3) Dissemination of the good practices and recommendations to especially the green vet schools in Europe.



INTREEGUE is leading partner of the development of the online collection of Good Practices and recommendations.

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