Today, global community faces enormous challenges: How to deal with climate change, food security, food production for a growing population and the end of the oil reserves?

For prosperity and wellbeing for 9 billion people in 2050, another ways of production of food, feed, materials and energy is needed. A circular society can offer solutions. It will create regional economic growth and employment. It gives new chances for farmers, to develop their farms biobased and in a circular way.

In several places in Europe, the development of circular economy learning materials has started, typically in a fragmented and bottom-up way by innovators and early adopters as commonly witnessed in emerging fields. The development of materials is very time consuming for individual
teachers and materials are not always shared or easy to be found by other teachers. On different and fragmented places the “wheel has been reinvented”.

This project is primarily aimed at Vocational Education and Training (VET), with a focus on further training of workers in the Biobased (circular) economy. After this project, workers can create their own individual training scheme, for their unique situation. This will lead to optimizing their training pathway and to better economic results of the companies.



  • University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Czechia
  • Blankcon in Rhenen, Netherlands
  • Open Education Community Foundation in Brussels, Belgium
  • SBG in Dresden, Germany
  • Pro Time Educational Association in Romania
  • VET School of Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron” in Veliko Turnovo , Bulgaria
  • University of West Attica in Athens, Greece
  • European E-learning Institute in Denmark


PROJECT PERIOD: October 1, 2019 – April 2022



In general BioComp aims to describe and prioritize specific skills/competences in the Biobased economy (BBE), additional to the existing ESCO skills description and to develop an on-line tool based on Learning Scenarios to create personalized training programs for workers in the circular economy.

Further objectives are:

  • to have a view on the present and future needs of VET trainers and SMEs for BBE-materials;
  • to facilitate VET schools and training centres and local businesses to intensify their cooperation in the field of BBE (training);
  • to have an inventory of existing data bases for BBE learning materials in Europe, including information how these databases are built up;
  • to have the 40 most relevant competences regarding BBE at hand, according ESCO systematics;
  • to use different learning scenarios to set up individualized training programs to improve learners’ competences and skills regarding BBE;
  • to explain and to promote the possibilities of BioComp to VET teachers and trainers, to stimulate them to use the communication platform and to look for international cooperation in further circular economy activities;
  • to develop a sustainable business plan for the exploitation and dissemination of BioComp, also after the project.


During the project period the partners will work in the consortium to deliver the following outcomes:

  • BBE Competence Navigator for capturing and describing required competences for a Bio-Based Economy based on ESCO methodology.
  • Learning scenarios as an on/off-line/blended (practical) tool, where (potential) trainees can check which competences they have and which are still missing, and which scenario will help them to fulfill the gap. 
  • Best practice guide, which serves as an instrument for quality assurance for the use of teh lerning scenarios beyond the project duration.

BLANKCON and BioComp

Blankcon assists the leading partner University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague with the Projectmanagement and reports. Blankcon is leading partner of the development of the BBE Competence Navigator, assists development the learning scenarios and good practices and facilitates the website and social media.

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