In september 2015 the MOVE project started. MOVE stands for Modernization of Omani Vocational Education. It is about the Modernization of a Vocational Training Center for Horticulture in the north of Oman. It includes development of curriculum, learning materials and training of trainers. This start was the completion of a long period of fact finding, preparation and writing. This preparation phase has been done by Hans Blankestijn.

 VET has become more important in Oman. It fits in the strategy of Omanisation. With this Omanisation, Oman wants to become less dependent on the oil revenues as well as from foreign labour forces. 

Oman Projectteam
Oman – Project MOVE

The implementation of the project will take at least two years. Professional Knowledge will be provider by Lentiz, an agricultural education center, specialized in horticulture and food processing.

Blankcon is sub contractor in this project, with the specific task to be member of the Steering Committee. It also will promote a good marketing of the VTC and the horticultural labour market.


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